Born in the Turkish town of Ushak, Coplu’s journey as an artist began when he was a young child. His mother, a weaver, taught him about figures, the meanings of patterns and also the profound, emotional effectiveness of color.

His formative years were periods of optimism, although the challenges and changes in his world gave him the urge to paint, simply for freedom of expression. His first tool was a carved stick that he used while he was studying to become a mining engineer.

"My heart could not remain on my studying while my mind was occupied with political issues. I was witnessing a huge turmoil in my environment and documenting it through my art. Soon, art became more important to me than the study of rocks and soil."

Following his first art exhibition in 1984, he has become a well-loved and widely collected artist, exhibiting throughout Europe, North America and Asia. His works have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and books across the world.


Spring Joys Lucky Strikes

Spring Joys Lucky Strikes
acrylic on canvas




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